Bobby Parker

Bobby Parker

I am a front-end/back-end architect & full-stack engineer with over 22 years of experience in web technologies and techniques. I possess a very strong understanding of design principles, as well as expert-level knowledge in web & applications development languages, including HTML, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Java, Swing, Flash/As3, Python, Perl, and most current frameworks.

As many of my projects have been in the realm of data/information visualization, engineering, and design, I am also an experienced technical illustrator and visualization artist/animator. I have extensive experience with 3D graphics programming, in OpenGL, C, Java, Flash, Python, and Renderman, as well as being experienced in 3D graphics packages to include Maya, Rhinoceros 3D, 3D Studio Max, Autocad, Microstation, and Blender. I excel at the creation of interactive interfaces & systems merged with data visualization output. I am expert at the creation of complex data models to encapsulate problem set conditions, and well-versed in data repository systems.

I practice an agile workflow, and utilize best-practices for project structure, deployment, and management via repositories, e.g. Github. I am experienced in test-driven development, project automation, and code-review practices.

I am a contributing member of the As3Crypto (Cryptography for Actionscript 3) library: https://code.google.com/p/as3crypto/

Senior Software Engineer at Global Science & Technology, Inc
December 2014 - Present
Web Developer/Senior Software Engineer @ NASA Goddard Space Flight Facility. I am the designer, builder, and webmaster of the website for the EPIC (Earth Polychromatic Camera) instrument on the DSCOVR satellite: http://epic.gsfc.nasa.gov. I am also in the midst of building new websites in support of Earth Sciences missions, as well as supporting 45+ websites. I manage and coordinate web site registration, design, and implementation, as well as perform site design and implementation independently.

Senior Programmer at Sigma Space
May 2014 - November 2014
Built and supported websites for Earth Sciences missions, as well as supporting 45+ existing Drupal, Wordpress, and custom-CMS-based websites, presences, and data-distribution sites. Managed site registrations, user-access, admin access, and other administrative functions. Provided support and advice, mentorship and other activities as needed. Migrated data & content from older content systems to newer, standards-based CMS-es. Created portals for public access to scientific data.

Freelance Software Developer / Technical Illustrator / Visualization Specialist
July 2009 - May 2014
Worked as a freelance consultant, performing a variety of duties, mostly in the realm of information visualization & mobile app development. Some highlights of this work are:

• Created the applications & content tools for Barney’s/2x4 “Genes@Co-op”, a 30-foot long ‘digital banquet table’, including content handlers, touch-interface handling, and the café’ interactive menu. For this system, I utilized Adobe AIR/Flex. A video of this system is at https://vimeo.com/54295106 .

• Created FCBuilder/MapBuilder, a pair of applications to populate Fusion Charts' geographical maps & data visualizations with data points. These applications were written in Adobe AIR, and utilized the Adobe Flex Framework, in conjunction with Fusion Charts to generate previews of entered datasets.

• Created the LinkSight Analyst application, a data-modeling & visualization system that was capable of performing tree-based visualization & processing of government programs, funding, vendors, agency relationships and other meta information to enable accurate ability to judge the efficiency of said programs at reaching their goals. This application featured dependency/relationship graph analysis, deployment of visualizations to web-based-systems, sharing of data via SharePoint integration and user-script ability of all features via the Lua scripting language.

• Created an iPhone app called "The Wall", which is a searchable database of names displayed on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, enabling users to find the location on the wall of a particular service member.

• Created a Flash/PHP & iPhone-based trade-show trivia game termed "The Mucinex Marathon" for the makers of Mucinex. This system enabled trade-show attendees to participate in a multi-user trivia game. This was a customizable and portable system, running on a laptop and handling up to 4 active players on connected iPhones. This game simulated a race, and players would advance by answering questions correctly.

• Created the open-source Neqsus/BtoR Renderman export system for the Blender 3D Modeler. This export system is written in python, and employs a custom user interface written solely in Python & OpenGL. This application supported all aspects of Renderman, up to and including shader generation & texture baking. It supported every major Renderman renderer, including AIR, Aqsis, Entropy/BMRT, PRMan, and Pixie, as well as support for the Liquid shader interface.

Instructor at Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts (CDIA)
February 2010 - December 2013
While at CDIA, I taught a variety of development topics, to include:

• JavaScript / JQuery / JS libraries (e.g. JQuery, Backbone)
• Flash & JavaScript animation, data visualization, design and programming
• PHP programming, both procedural and object- oriented
• MySQL database design, and programming
• Wordpress / Drupal / CMS module/theme development
• User-Experience-oriented design
• “The Business of Web Design”, a practical course on the ethics of doing business as a web consultant

UX scientist/architect at Mighty LLC
November 2012 - June 2013
Became involved in National Geographic's GenoGraphic site. I was engaged with various aspects of the site, including data handling/visualization, account & data management, administrative back-end user interfaces, and architectural duties.

Lead Developer at Bluebear, LLC
May 2007 - November 2009
Served as architect and lead developer of Kodiak, a virtual resource management application. Designed & implemented management tools & infrastructure to support management of virtualized environments. Designed and integrated a “heads-up” user-interface system that allowed for live visualization & control of virtualized resources. Created and optimized Flash-based Remote Desktop tools. Supported open source project As3Crypto by providing SSL 3.0 protocol handlers to achieve connectivity to legacy systems.
Technologies employed are: Adobe AIR/Flex, Adobe Flash, Java, Python, Perl, C++, Adobe Alchemy, and Lua.

Software Engineer/Graphic Artist at Eyak Technology LLC
March 2005 - June 2007
Created, maintained and published technical drawing packages, both hardcopy and electronic. Developed models in NIST's Fire Dynamics Simulator(FDS), a CFD modeling application. Created visualizations of physical simulations for modeling of building fire & explosion scenarios. Installed, managed and customized Sugar CRM to serve various purposes, using both Java & Adobe Flex. Extended SugarCRM by creating various Flex applications to communicate with and manipulate project information, project planning, time tracking & billing, and deliverables scheduling. Designed, and implemented websites running on CMS systems for the distribution of technical drawing packages, visualizations, and engineering data. Managed division-level IT infrastructure, maintained existing websites, and cooperated in marketing & design strategies to better support business needs. Other responsibilities included creation of tradeshow graphics, and other such large-format graphical tasks.

Technical Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Software Engineer at Gage-Babcock & Associates
December 2003 - April 2005
Created software for the management of engineering information, and maintained existing website. Created visualizations based on NIST FDS model output. Built simulator models in NIST FDS. Redesigned existing website to meet evolving requirements for distribution of technical drawing packages. Created visualizations/renderings of 3D designs from Autocad, Rhinoceros, and Microstation. Developed various tools for informational purposes in support of engineering goals. Designed user interfaces to simply/streamline document creation & manipulation tasks. Created, maintained, and distributed technical drawing packages, both hardcopy and electronic. Other responsibilities included creation of tradeshow graphics, and other such large-format graphical tasks.

Technologies employed included Flash, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Fortran, LISP, Linux, Java, GTK, and Python.
Applications included Autocad, Microstation, Corel Designer, Rhinoceros 3D, Renderman, Adobe Illustrator.

Systems Programmer at Williams Electric
December 2001 - November 2003
Created a self-hosted configuration-management website to simplify management of device notifications. Implemented customized user interfaces in Java/PHP for rapid configuration & integration of new devices as they were installed. Programmed, integrated and documented electronic security systems. Created technical drawings of wiring diagrams, device locations, programming information, and other supporting documents.

Technologies used included Perl, PHP, Java/Swing, ODBC/JDBC, MySQL, and Apache. Applications used included Autocad, Adobe Illustrator, Rhinoceros 3D, Blender, Corel Designer and Photoshop.

Technical Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Web Application Developer at Self
March 1994 - December 2001
Worked as a freelance consultant, performing website & web-application development in Java/JSP/Tomcat, Perl, PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Flash, As2/As3. Also performed as a graphic artist & technical illustrator, creating everything from business logos and website designs, print media design, and informational graphics to 3D models, data visualizations in various engineering fields, and game graphics.

Strategic Intelligence Equipment Repairer – US Army
October 1989 – March 1994
Worked in a strategic support position at the Intelligence Material Management Depot, to maintain electronic intercept & communications monitoring/recording equipment in support of intelligence missions worldwide. Performed rigorous testing of equipment after repair to ensure full operability.

I maintain an avid interest in interactive visualization, 3D graphics, programming, robotics, music, and digital art. I play drums in my spare time, but then I sometimes code on Arduino & Raspberry Pi devices too. I enjoy traveling, the beach, painting, and generally being creative, and I'm always looking for new problems to solve.